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Celebrating Our 25th & LAST Season Online!
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Wholesale Ordering Information



Each item is sold by the case. 
No Walk in Orders will be accepted.  NO SALES TAX except for Ohio customers see #15. below.

2. Minimum Order - Each item has a one case minimum. 
If an odd amount over the one case minimum is needed enter the additional pieces on the order form.
3. Imprinting-We Do Not provide imprinting service of any kind on wholesale case items.
4. Quantities may be limited. Order early. Our Christmas Wholesale dept. is available all year around.  
5. Returns-There are No returns, exchanges or refunds on these Seasonal Wholesale items. Get samples. 
6. Samples-Purchase one of our Sampler Assortments to have samples of the actual wholesale items. See our Sampler Assortment Information below or on our Wholesale Christmas Stockings page. 
7. Discounts- In addition to our low case prices certain items have an Additional Bulk Discount that is noted next to the item.
8. Shipping - Samplers are sent by Priority or First Class Mail. Cases are shipped UPS ground or small repacked orders may go Priority mail. We ship within the Continental U.S.A. (48 States Only). We add a small handling fee to orders. You may use your own UPS number if you have one. There is a 12 case limit on the 10% Off Shipping Promo offer.
9. Wholesale orders can Not be combined with Retail orders. We reserve the right to change prices and special offers at any time. If you have book marked our Wholesale page - Refresh for updates.
10. No other items on our website will be sold at wholesale case prices.
11. All orders must be prepaid. Please do not ask us to invoice you.
12. Payment - by MasterCard, Visa, Discover or American Express.
13. Ways to Order: Online or by phone. Order online by clicking on the Red Order Form link on the Wholesale Stockings page and enter the item number you want.  Phone orders accepted Monday thru Saturday 10:00 am to 6:00 pm and Sunday from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm Eastern Standard Time (located in Ohio) 330.427.6211. After we review your order we will email your Sales Receipt, shipping cost, ship date and your order total.

Wholesale orders are shipped within 24 to 48 hours of receipt Monday through Friday. During the holiday season orders received before 1:00 pm EST are shipped the same day Monday thru Friday. 

15. Ohio Customers Only: that are Sales Tax Exempt are required to provide us with their Ohio Vendor's license number. Enter the Ohio Vendor's license number in the field provided on the Order Form. If you do not have a vendor's license you will be charged 7.25% Ohio Sales Tax.
16. No Foreign Orders for samples or cases. 
17. We take pride in our products and sell nice quality items. You will never receive balled up, twisted or severely wrinkled products from us!
18. We do Not replace missing or stolen orders.


Sampler Assortment Information

We are offering our Sampler Assortments which consists of two, four or six wholesale items of your choice. We highly recommend that you purchase a Sampler Assortment since wholesale cases are not returnable. Often requests for returns are due to choosing the wrong size. These non-returnable samples will allow you to see the actual size of each item, the quality, texture, fabric and to see if these items meet your needs. 
The cost for the two piece Sampler Assortment is $10.00, cost of four pieces is $14.00 and the six piece Sampler Assortment is $18.00. Some Sample items sold separately. The shipping fee is included in the cost of the Samplers. Sampler Assortments are shipped Priority Mail or First Class Mail within 24 hours of the order. 



Measuring Information

Measuring For Christmas Stockings
All Christmas stockings of this type are measured from the upper left corner of the cuff down at an angle to the bottom of the toe.  This measurement will give you the length of the stocking. This is the standard measuring procedure. Of course the width of the stocking is measured across the top of the stocking cuff from left to right. 

Measuring For Santa Hats  
To find the correct size hat that you will need, you must first find a cloth measuring tape or long string that you can later measure on a yardstick. Using the tape or string  measure around the person's head. Do not pull the tape or string to tight, but allow it to rest comfortably around the head. Determine the length you just measured. 
Extra large hats measure 26" around, large hats measures 24" around, medium hats measure 22" around and small hats measure 20" around.



I want to place an item in the Christmas Stocking will it fit?

Since Christmas stockings are tapered, an object that say is 7" wide and 1" thick will not fit in a stocking that measures 7" wide across at the cuff. A stocking is flat, allow for the thickness of the object as well as the length of the object. A wide long object that is to be placed in a stocking will hit the heel. A slim long object will go to the toe at an angle. Get our Sampler Assortment to be sure!  


What is the difference between Felt and Plush fabric stockings and hats?

These two fabrics of felt and plush differ in several ways. Felt is a non-woven fabric that will always have a smooth texture to it. This smooth fabric will allow for transfers, embroidering, imprinting, screening etc. Plush fabric is a woven fabric that is much heavier and thicker then felt. Plush fabric also has a fur like nap to it. Special techniques are used to embroider plush fabrics. If you plan to imprint your stockings in what ever way you choose, make sure that you have ordered enough to have a few extra to experiment with. 

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